Privacy Policy

Established: July 19, 2013 (Original Japanese version: November 28, 2007)
Revised: March 11, 2021 (Changing the name of Society)

1. Basic Policy

In consideration of the importance of protecting personal information, the Japanese Environmental Mutagen and Genome Society (JEMS) shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and shall strive to engage in the collection, use, and management of such information appropriately as stipulated below. "Personal information" refers to information related to an individual such as his or her name, birth date, address, e-mail address, and other information that can be used to identify that individual (including information that alone would not identify the individual, but which could be used easily to find other information that would be used to identify the individual). This Privacy Policy has been established for the protection and effective utilization of the personal information of JEMS members and nonmembers who participate in JEMS activities.

2. Collection of Personal Information

JEMS shall collect information provided voluntarily by users of its services in accordance with the Society's purposes, as well as from individuals involved in review and selection related to the mission of JEMS, within the necessary range. As a rule, when collecting personal information, JEMS shall clearly indicate the purpose of doing so, and shall collect such information with the consent of the individual providing the information.

3. Management of Personal Information by the Society

JEMS shall appropriately manage collected personal information in a manner that prevents the information from being leaked to outside parties, destroyed, tampered with, or lost. However, JEMS shall not be responsible for the management of personal information that has been disclosed or released by the provider of the information himself or herself.

4. Use of Personal Information

4-1. JEMS shall use collected personal information within the range required for the purposes listed below.

  1. Confirmation of the identity of the individual, billing of membership fees, and other notifications from JEMS to the member
  2. Creation of membership lists and creation of lists of individuals eligible for election as trustees
  3. Provision of information required for sending Society journals and trustee election forms, etc., mutual contact between members, and other aspects of JEMS operation
  4. In addition to the above, provision of information related to the mission of JEMS and related fields (e.g. data distribution services that provide information with the prior consent of the individual, sending of e-mail, etc., for the purpose of administrative notification required for the operation of the Society, etc.)

4-2. In addition to the cases stipulated in Section 4 Item 4-1 above, JEMS may use or provide personal information in any of the following cases.

  1. When the consent of the individual providing the information has been obtained
  2. When required by the stipulations of applicable laws and regulations, or when provision of the information has been requested by the police or other public agency
  3. When commissioning part or all of the handling of personal information in the range required to achieve the mission of JEMS, JEMS shall select subcontractors that maintain sufficient standards for the protection of personal information, and shall ensure that such subcontractors manage the information in an appropriate manner.

5. Membership List

The membership list indicated in Section 4 Item 4-1 2) shall be created for the purpose of enabling mutual interaction between members. The information included in the membership list shall be the individual's a) membership number, b) name, c) employer, d) employer contact information, and e) e-mail address. As a rule, items a) through c) shall be included in the list, but items d) and e) shall not be included without the consent of the individual. Membership lists created by JEMS shall be made available from the Society website in the form of a password-protected PDF file. The password required to view the list shall be provided to the individual member in writing, and shall be changed once each year.

6. Disclosure and Revision, etc., of Personal Information

As a rule, JEMS shall disclose personal information related to the provider of the information without delay when the provider of that information has requested such disclosure. In addition, when an individual requests the correction, etc., of his or her personal information, JEMS shall, as a rule, make such corrections, etc., without delay. However, as a rule, the membership list shall be updated once each year.

7. Disclaimer

JEMS shall assume no responsibility or liability for any information provided to the user (members or nonmembers who have received information) from the Society through the data distribution services indicated in Section 4 Item 4-1 4), nor for the accuracy, reliability, delay, interruption, etc., of provided information, regardless of the cause. JEMS shall assume no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage incurred by the user through use of the aforementioned data distribution services.

8. Revision

This Privacy Policy may be revised in accordance with changes to applicable laws or due to other reasons, without prior notification of the member. The most recent Privacy Policy shall always apply to the personal information collected by JEMS. When the Privacy Policy has been revised, it shall be posted on the Society's website, and shall take effect as of the date of posting.

9. Priority Application of the Japanese Version

The original version of this Privacy Policy was created in Japanese. If there are any discrepancies between the Japanese version and this English translation, the former shall prevail.

10. Inquiries Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

Please direct any questions or comments, etc., regarding this Privacy Policy to the Administration Office of The Japanese Environmental Mutagen and Genome Society (here).